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Youth Ministry

PARA-PUPS Survival Training

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Our goal in Para-Pups is to teach survival skills and mountaineering to children ages 6-12, while at the same time, teaching the essentials of the Christian world and life view. All of our instructors have served in the United States Army in combat related jobs, are well trained in their areas of instruction, and all are former U.S. Army Paratroopers, or, soldiers who have been deployed in real world environments, hence the name Para-Pups. In addition, Para-Pups is a free organization, and there are no membership fees attached to your child’s participation. However, please keep in mind that it will be your responsibility to provide lunch, park fees and the like, while all other costs will be absorbed by Para-Pups.

All of the activities in Para-Pups will be well supervised, and all safety precautions will be implemented. These activities include: Rappelling, Ascending/Descending, Land Navigation, Water/Raft Based Activities, Map Reading and Handheld GPS Navigation, Rope Bridging, Camping and Shelter Rigging, Emergency First-Aid and other outdoor based activities.

As noted above, the activities of Para-Pups can be at times, physically demanding, and yet, they are likewise physically and spiritually rewarding. Overall, our goal is to help to contribute to your child in every area of his/her experience. Thus, the training in Para-Pups goes well beyond the physical, but instead, also deals in the spiritual and emotional realms as well, with all instruction being grounded in the Christian worldview.