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Sermon: “Here I Am, Send Me: An Independence Day Sermon” (07/02/17)

Today’s sermon text was from Isaiah 6.1-8 and the theme was how we can and must be utilized for the purpose of God. Also included in this sermon is a narrative regarding the early understanding of Christianity via our forefathers, and how their understanding of the faith led to the establishment of the great country which we dwell in.


Sermon: “I Write This That You May Not Sin” (03/05/17)

What is Truth – Elder Gordon Graham (July 2019)

Sermon Text: 1 John 2.1-6

Theme: The Christians responsibility in walking “like Christ,” our propitiation and advocate.


Apologetics Conference Registration

Blessings folks: because we are getting an excellent response for the apologetics conference, I have added a registration form to the church website which everyone will need to fill out for the conference. The reason for this is due to the necessity of having enough food for the lunch session (lunch is provided free of charge, I remind you). Please see the attached flyer for detains, and also visit to register for the event (registration will take about 30 seconds). Blessings and remember, if you are bringing friends, please add them into the “comments” section of the registration (there is no reason to give their name, but instead, simply the total that will be attending, to include yourself).



“What Your University Professor Won’t Tell You” Apologetics Conference

On Saturday, March 18th, we will be hosting an apologetics conference titled “What Your University Professor Won’t Tell You” at Reformed Community Church in Venice, FL. The purpose of this three hour intensive is to train up and inform young Christians on the necessity of maintaining and promoting the Christian worldview in the non-christian (and anti-christian) university setting. It will likewise help you to generate arguments which are destructive to the evolutionary, naturalistic materialistic worldview, which is the common view promoted in both our culture and the public school system. The format of the conference will be as follows:

10:10 – 11:10 AM : The apologetic task from a Christian perspective 

11:20 – 12:20: Answer Not A Fool/Answer a Fool (problems with the evolutionary worldview) 

12:30 – 1:00: Lunch (subway subs will be provided) 

1:10 – 2:10: Is Christianity the Only Objective Source of Morality? 

Date: March 18, 2017

Location: 1600 Banyan Rd. Venice, FL. 34293

Time: Conference begins at 10 AM 

For further information, please feel free to contact me at , and please, please tell your fellow youth group members about this event, which is open to the public (and all ages) and should prove to be very beneficial.